And her creator, Annalee

The Inspiration Behind Tenderheart

Annalee wanted to create a space that focused on philanthropy, fashion, beauty, fitness, mental health and creativity after she couldn't find an outlet that guided women on an all-encompassing level.  Tenderheart was born as an ode to women who are a bit quirky, defy stereotypes, and desire to leave this earth better than when we arrived, all while being the best version of themselves. Tenderheart isn't simply a lifestyle brand. It's a call to arms for change and compassion. Annalee wanted women who love all things beauty, are compassionate and have true substance with a creative heart feel like they truly belong, thus, Tenderheart was born. 


Annalee's background

Annalee is an artist through and through. She graduated from Radford University in Virginia with a BS in Theatre Arts while taking countless creative writing, dance and art classes. Annalee was raised as a classically trained ballet dancer, actor, opera singer, and composed numerous piano pieces while also writing 19 hand written novels by the age of 16.  After going to college, she became a professional NBA cheerleader in Atlanta, GA and started her career as a matchmaker and stylist. Annalee proceeded to be a matchmaker for the elite of Atlanta and Washington D.C. for many years. Despite working in corporate America she still encouraged "the child within" by following her true passion: the arts. Her most recent TV appearance was on Love Connection with Andy Cohen on Fox.