Change Your Life: Clothes Addition

I've seen it a million times; a woman who says she doesn't really care about her appearance steps out of her self made "beauty box" and automatically stands taller. She realizes clothes that are pleasing to her figure and adding a little mascara doesn't change who she is, but only makes her feel more confident. Life isn't a dress rehearsal. This is all you got, so why not put your best foot forward. You wouldn't show up to a job interview with shabby clothes and greasy hair, then why not look and feel your best for your own life.

When I was a stylist for women who wanted to make a great impression on their first dates, I would tell them that they should avoid work clothe attire. It changed everything, even the way she carried and held herself. If she's wearing a suit she's in "work mode," she holds her self in a different way, even speaks differently. You are what you wear. Do you want to feel your best? Set yourself up for a great day? Then invest in a stylish, verstile closet. 

I want to encourage you to buy two articles of clothing a month to build up the "new you." Don't be scared to spend a little more on quality clothing. They'll make you feel better that you aren't endorsing sweat shops all while knowing that article of clothing will last for years. Below you'll see my five "basic" suggestions to start building your new closet. 


I'm a huge fan of black, obviously, but I love how versatile it is! I also like to buy clothes that I can dress up and dress down. For example, I could wear this to a picnic with some casual boyfriend jeans, or dress it up with pants and heels. 


I told you I wasn't lying about loving black. What I love about these jeans is that you can be edgy and classic with them. You can once again dress it up or dress it down. However, you probably don't want to wear them to your grandmother's house, she'll probably ask to patch them up. 


Who doesn't love some Cacio e Pepe? If you're a fan of the dish, then you'll love this top. This could be a great top to wear to the grocery store, market, brunch or basically any outing. 


This bag is hella cute AND it's sustainable, ethical and vegan. Isn't it nice not wearing animals? I literally buy a bag and wear it for years. I do invest more money into well made bags so I don't have to switch it out every couple of months. 


You can literally wear these anywhere, anytime, at any place, well probably besides Alaska or anywhere else that's cold. Another plus, they're super comfortable. 

Invest a little time and money into yourself, you deserve it. 

Beauty, StyleAnnalee Hunter